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DCS Specifications

DCS is a decentralised cross-chain cryptographic credential protocol

DCS is a decentralised cross-chain cryptographic credential protocol

DCS is a decentralized cross-chain cryptographic credential protocol based on the Decentralized Data Crypto System (DCS) of the BSC ecosystem, which is an "indefinite anonymous cryptographic credential" without a third-party trust base. It adopts zero-knowledge concise non-interactive knowledge arguments (zk-SNARK) and hybrid data structure to guarantee the anonymity of credential holders, the privacy of message transmission, and the privacy of data structure at the same time.
The DCS system also supports cross-chain, not only assets in the BSC ecosystem can use the DCS system, but when the DCS system is deployed on other public chains such as Ether, Solana, etc., these on-chain assets can also use the DCS system across chains.
DCS combines security, privacy, convenience, complexity and incentive for a new generation of anonymity system with BSC cross-chain, efficiency and low cost advantages, and is an application service oriented anonymity privacy protocol that supports cross-chain.


With a fixed denomination, each encrypted voucher opened by the user is of a standardized denomination, and the user enters and leaves the same amount.


DCS security is proportional to the number of nodes and the number of credentials, and DCS can achieve the highest security when the number of nodes present in a smart contract > 21 and the number of credentials > 100.


The DCS platform is designed with a user incentive system of “open credentials as mining” and “node governance” to incentivize users who hold and identify with DCS as well as those who have the need to protect the privacy of digital assets to share the revenue of the DCS platform through behavioural mining and liquidity pledge mining. The DCS platform’s revenue is shared through behavioral mining and liquidity pledge mining.


Operate directly from your mobile wallet software and interact with the smart contract on the chain without completing complex registration and verification procedures.