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Meta DAO is a DCS decentralized autonomous organization whose mission is to create a frictionless development paradigm for the entire DCS ecosystem, enabling maximum effectiveness and value flow in DCS organizations. Meta DAO is a committed practitioner of the cyberpunk spirit and we echo the core initiatives of the Cryptocurrency and Contracts Initiative (IC3) on privacy:

Enabling innovation in privacy, user authentication and smart contract security, with large-scale adoption in core processes of business and society.
Establishing multiple forms of consensus decision-making models, shaping the establishment of a sense of autonomy in anonymous privacy communities, and realizing a decentralized DEFI governance paradigm of “working together, having power together, and living together”.


Meta DAO is specifically composed of three parts, including three cores: self-governance, open source R&D center and accelerator.
Self-governance: voting to support capital deployments in the DCS ecosystem: liquidity provisioning, staking plans, indices, major protocol changes (core consensus protocol, core algorithm changes), product rule improvements, rate adjustments, cross-chain governance, etc. 

Self-governance is set up in accordance with industry standards for off-chain governance and multi-signature administrators, and ultimately enables the building of custom governance modules.

Open Source R&D Center

Meta DAO will establish an open source R&D center to focus on the development of DCS anonymity algorithms, consensus protocols and products, and provide technical support services for emerging projects. We envision that Meta DAO R&D centers will employ hundreds of people in the next few years. Meta DAO R&D centers include three major centers: DCS protocol design and development center, testing center and operation and maintenance center. 

According to SDL specifications, the three DCS centers will divide and collaborate to promote the growth of DCS protocols.
Accelerator: Meta DAO focuses on incubating and investing in DCS protocol anonymous projects, including applications such as anonymous voting, anonymous crowdfunding, regulable privacy, and anonymous transactions. All incubation processes and post-investment management are fully managed on-chain.