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Blockchain DEFI is gradually being born and expanded. We will improve the practical development of the anonymity and privacy protocol as soon as possible, and our V1 version of the product is now out. When we have more users, we will provide more anonymity applications based on DCS, including the implementation of the anonymity and privacy in Electronic Service (APES) project report by the Belgian research institute. communication, anonymous publishing, anonymous browsing, anonymous payment, anonymous voting, anonymous auctions, and legal, etc.


DCS 1.0 was the starting point of our project, and we are happy to share the DCS 2.0 vision. In DCS 2.0, more forms of assets than just BSC assets will be able to be coin-mixed in DCS, including SOL, ADA, and FTM ecosystem assets. At the same time, we hope that the 2.0 release will meet regulatory compliance requirements by providing more optional algorithms and regulatory protections, with some sort of process to facilitate regulatory review when a regulatory process is initiated.


No innovative activity is possible without the situation created by the predecessors, without which no vision of DCS could have been realized. Satoshi Nakamoto's invention of Bitcoin opened a whole new era, along with the emergence of the Interstellar File System IPFS, which inspired later generations to revisit the HTTP-based WEB 3.0 system, and the implementation of Monroe and Darcy coins in mixed coin technology gave us more inspiration. the DCS team pays tribute to all our predecessors for paving the way forward for DCS innovation.