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DCS is a decentralised cross-chain cryptographic credential protocol

2020 to 2021
Phase I: Privacy Cryptography Discovery
Privacy Cryptography Discovery
2020.12 Discovering Privacy Needs in Blockchain Applications
2021.4 Implementing the core technology Mix-ZK protocol 2021.6 Release of White Paper 1.0
2021.8.12 Launch of internal test and simultaneous opening of dual mining
2021.9.26 Officially launched into the first production mine cycle
2021 to 2022
Phase 2: Cross-chain multi-chain deployment
Cross-chain multi-chain deployment
Deploy contracts on multiple chains based on running on BSC in a cross-chain bridge, etc.
2021.10 Begin deployment of second chain for multi-chain bridge architecture.
2021.11 Alternate domain name deployment to lay the groundwork for parallel multi-chain interoperability
2022.2 Gradually complete multi-chain deployments of Ether, Solana, etc.
2020 to 2021
Phase 3: META DAO operations
META DAO operations
DSC moves from foundation governance to META DAO governance, with a progressive customizable governance structure, open source R&D center and accelerator.
More forms of assets in DCS 2.0 are able to be co-mingled in the DCS, including assets from the SOl, ADA, and FTM ecosystems.
The application of DCS on the ground has gradually developed in the direction of platform, and gradually applied to various organizations and business scenarios, such as epidemic prevention and control, enterprise bidding, anonymous voting, ICO anonymity and other fields.