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Sustainable Economics

DCS builds sustainable ecological economy system

DCS builds a sustainable eco-economy, in which DCS plays a central role in the whole eco-economy, and it promotes the sustainable development of DCS economy through three value lines.

Value carrier

Each anonymous application scenario accesses or directly uses a certain amount of DCS or defines its own token and exchanges it with DCS at a certain rate. With the gradual enrichment of application scenarios, DCS is consumed more and more, and the value of DCS is increasing.


By providing an incentive program through META DAO, people are incentivized to help the system validate transactions and create blocks, and the use of financial means to generate positive feedback can contribute to the ongoing development of the system. The tokens will be the incentive for the community to continue contributing to the system.

Transaction properties

Similar to Ether, every transaction on DCS requires a transaction fee, anonymous applications on it, cross-chain transactions also require payment using DCS, DCS supports smart contracts, and DCS on contracts will interact through transactions.

Users who use the DCS platform to open crypto credentials pay an additional 0.2% commission, of which 40% is allocated to the original DCS technical team and 60% is allocated to community users, according to the percentage of DCS pledges. If the DCS is not pledged, users can also withdraw it to an external exchange for trading.
Because the mining mechanism takes the deflationary model of halving the cycle production, the user participation in the early stage will be able to obtain a larger number of DCS, and with the increase in user usage, will be able to continue to obtain the fee share, truly reflecting the spirit of the sharing economy, we believe that this economic model will be able to effectively attract user participation, help users who need hidden protection, and eventually no longer rely on the generation of DCS to give incentives, becoming a perfect economic system.